Sunday, March 16

a schoolboy vest and sewing

Guys, this kid!  Ahh, he kills me.  Shouldn't he still be, like, 2 years old?
So a couple of weeks ago while I was doing my morning perusing of my favorite blogs, I read that Abby from Sew Much Ado needed pattern testers for her new Schoolboy Vest Pattern.  Well, I signed right up and I was chosen!  I was sent a copy of the pattern and asked to sew one up for James and review the pattern.  I made the vest with real welt pockets-I have never done a welt pocket before in my life, but guess what?  Super easy.  Also, I've never sewn real buttonholes before-I've always just kind of faked it and made it up or avoided it by using snaps or a zipper.  I finally pulled out my sewing manual and read the real way to do buttonholes-so. freaking. easy.  Seriously, why was I so scared of them before?  I could not get over how easy it was to sew the buttonholes (just ask Nate, I giddily talked about it for the 10 minutes it took me to sew up 4 perfect buttonholes).
obviously James loves the welt pockets too
 The pattern was so easy to follow with lots of pictures to help explain the steps, and the vest sewed up pretty quickly-just a couple of hours (I think right around 3 if I subtract out all the times I had to stop and fetch snacks for kids/change diapers/be mom.  it should go faster next time).  I used a lightweight suiting and lined it with a very light grey/white striped cotton I had stashed so it won't be too warm for him.
I sewed up a size 6 for James, he's still small for his age.  I love the adjustable ties in the back, fitting the vest to this skinny boy.  He looks so handsome!
So all in all, an awesome pattern that was really well written and ended in super happy results from me and an urge to make a vest for each of my boys.  It'll probably happen soon.  very soon.
p.s. the white shirt James is wearing?  it's a size 3T and it fits pretty well.  what is with stores making button-up shirts for kids that are ridiculously huge?  
And of course James needed some new pants to go with his new vest.  There's a pattern that's been floating around sewing-blog-land lately (Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans), so I decided to try it out with some grey corduroy.  I sewed pants!  Like, real pants with a fly and back yoke and an adjustable waistband and topstitching and everything!  They look pretty swell.  
So, yeah.  Sewing is cool.  And I've realized for really professional-looking clothes you absolutely have to iron while sewing.  So thanks Nate for the fancy-pants new iron you gave me for Christmas!    
  Rhett couldn't help but do a little photobombing.  


Ashlie said...

So cute! Why don't you live closer, so you can teach me all of these great skills?

Juli said...

Rhett is so cute with his belly, and James is a doll. Great job, Katie! We love and miss you!

GlowWorm said...

so awesome! I love sewing :)

Megan said...

Your vest turned out great! AND you MADE THOSE PANTS!!!!! Wow. I'm seriously impressed.

Sew Much Ado said...

You did such an amazing job with the entire outfit! I had to share the pants with Laura from Titchy Threads too to make sure she saw them, lol. Thank you for all your help!

kathyg said...

I am impressed! I did so much sewing for our 4 girls when they were growing up - and for grandchildren. I grew to love it and found I could sew most anything as long as I had a well-written pattern! I am not good at just figuring out my own - wouldn't even try - but have combined patterns to make a "look" I wanted but couldn't find. What I was never good at was sewing for myself! Keep it up - you have a natural talent!